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Planet 2 :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 3 0 Planet :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 0 River :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 1 0 Hummingbird at Great Sand Dunes National Park :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 4 0
Tale of a Life
Fragments of unfinished thoughts
Anger not yet forgotten
Frustration of day-to-day life
Locked in a grave to hide away
Thoughts like a bombshell
Ready to explode
Another side to a person
One that cannot be seen
Wilted flowers, brown without sunshine
In a blackened night a lonely star
Shines without companions.
A single violin fills a loud silence.
A mournful song,
A missing goodbye
A fist clenches,
Straining against an underlying feeling
Tireless hand build a concrete wall
Meant to keep out the unwanted
A heart full of scars
That just will not heal
Som for a reason yet unknown
The tale of a life
Many fail to notice
:icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 2 0
Sims 3 Family-Hetalia :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 0 Merry Christmas! :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 1 0 Draw This Again Contest Entry :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 0 Lightning in New Mexico :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 13 5
Russian Roulette
There was a feeling that something was off from the moment the invitation was opened. Yet, the feeling was ignored and now ten frozen nations stand, waiting for their host to let them in. The door opens and a maid leads them to what is presumably the dining room.
"Please, have a seat" Their host says as he enters, his coat billowing behind him. Each nation takes a seat, noting with suspicion that their seats were already assigned. Their host takes a seat at the head of the table, pulling out a revolver. He reaches forward and places the revolver in the center of the table.
"Let's play a game" Russia says, "On the table before you is a six chamber revolver, armed with only one bullet. I assume you know the rules." He reaches forward and spins the revolver.
"Let's begin."
Each nation watches apprehensively as the revolver spins, knowing that there was no way out. One of them will not walk away. If only they had listened to that feeling when they opened the invitation. The revolver slows
:icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 4 9
Daz Test :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 7
Mature content
Severed Hand :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 4
Family Feud :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 1 6 Underwater Dragon :icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 0 0
Shard by Shard
"I can't do this anymore"
Those words kept ringing in his head, haunting his every thought. He couldn't forget them, no matter how hard he tried.
"I don't love you anymore"
Those were the words that broke his heart; that started this descent into a dark depression.
"I'm in love with someone else"
"....You're older brother"

And those, those were the words that made him shatter into tiny pieces, much too small to fix yet large enough to hurt. And damn, it hurt. His lover had left him for his brother, how would that not hurt? Damn Gilbert, stealing everything that was close to him.
No longer could he hide the tears he cried every night, they were just too persistent. No matter how hard he tried to keep his mask in place, he just couldn't. The mask was finally slipping. Every day, he'd come home to find his brother and him kissing in front of the television, or eating pasta in the kitchen. Every single day, he'd have to rush to his room
:icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 17 23
Spin the Bottle-APH
Spin the Bottle Meme
by ~animelover1030
Spin the Bottle Meme
1. Please don't look ahead. It will be funnier for all of us if you don't actually READ the questions.
2. Please put a link in the comments section and link back to me or this page.
3. There is no rule #3, I just like the number.
1. France
2. Russia
3. America
4. England
5. Romano
6. Hungary
7. Austria
8. Italy
9. Spain
10. Germany
1. America volunteers to go first. Why?
America stares at the bottle in the middle of their little circle before glancing at France. There was no way in hell he'd let France, who was eying the bottle thoughtfully, go first. Not because he wanted to kiss England. No, he knew that France wanted to go first. America leans forward and spins the bottle, smirking at the glare France gave him.  
2. The bottle spins to England. (No, I did not plan that) What is America's reaction?
America could feel his heart fl
:icondarthyoda42:DarthYoda42 1 15

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Please not me if you have any preferred colors.
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This is the same as the traditional, but it is done digitally. There is no background.

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Dragon Colored w/ background-traditional
This is a colored dragon with a background, colored with colored pencils.

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Chaptered Story
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I'll give an 80% refund if your story is never completed.

Fandoms I do:
Hetalia (<- Preferred)
Black Butler
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings

I will right Yaoi, Yuri, and Het. But I will not do sex scenes, because I am no good. I also will not do Reader inserts or put OCs into the stories


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Fandoms I do:
Hetalia (<- Preferred)
Black Butler
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings

I will right Yaoi, Yuri, and Het. But I will not do sex scenes, because I am no good. I also will not do Reader inserts or put OCs into the stories

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Best Friend Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 11:35 AM


1. Post these rules.
2. Tag your best friend to do this. (I always tag her anyways xD)

1. Who is your best friend?

It's so hard to chose....I have a few that I'd consider to be 'best' friends. Surprisingly...they're all online. I'll just say Ginger (GallifreyanGhostGirl) for this meme.

2. What do you like about them?

She's been there more than most of my friends. Especially my friends at school.

3. Do they have a special talent?

Meh. Does anyone?
She's totally a Time Lord

4. When did you meet?

About three years ago.

5. Is there a song that describes your friendship perfectly?

I don't know...I need to find one now

6. Do you phone each other?

Nope, not allowed to.

7. Do you share fandoms?

Yep! Doctor Who, Star Wars, Hetalia, and Black Butler at least

8. When was the last time you chatted?

This morning at 4:00 am

9. Do you visit each other?

I wish...

10. Do they know about your crushes?

Considering the fact I don't have

11. Do you have insider jokes?

If we do, I can't think of any at the moment
-is half asleep anyways-

12. Would you go through physical pain for them?

Ja, of course I would

13. Would you go through psychical pain for them?

Da, I would.

14. Remind them of a special event.

Third year anniversary and almost 7000 pages! :D

15. Did you ever lie to them? Be honest!

Nope :D

16. Do you RP?

Everyday. All the time. Way past when we should go to sleep.

17. If yes, start one that you'll continue in the comments section!

Nope. Already have on on this site.

18. What's the weirdest thing about them?

Weird? I guess most people would think that the amount we love to torture our characters is weird....but I like to do it too so, not weird.

19. Is there something new about you that they probably don't know yet?

New? Nope.

20. Give them a special gift now!
Later ;p

21. Tag them!

Meh, you don't have to.

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